Since March 2018, Ristorante Lino has undertaken a new growth path aimed at affirming its culinary identity in the national gastronomic scenario, with the intention of making the most of the traditions and typical flavours of Pavia and Italy.
Lino’s mission finds declination in two different restaurant concepts:
The Bistrot, with a simple and delicious cuisine, and the new Gastronomic Restaurant, expression of the research work on the product and dynamic flavours of chefs Andrea Ribaldone and Valerio Tafuri.

The Restaurant

Andrea Ribaldone and Valerio Tafuri turn the lights on a haute cuisine that celebrates the taste at its best in a perfect balance between simplicity and creativity. Their union, already consolidated at Lino Bistrot, now finds new emphasis in an exciting culinary evolution that starts from the territory to reach all the international nuances, in a cosy living room with a deco and contemporary style.

The heart of the new gourmet restaurant is the cuisine, not only in the dishes, but also in the spaces. There is no ‘border’ between the cooker and the dining room, but an ‘open’ environment designed to dialogue and interact with guests.
Here, in a scenographic live cooking, the chefs create innovative dishes, designed with respect for local traditions and raw materials, and enclosed in four tasting menus. Filosofia (10 courses), Pensiero (6 courses), Viaggio (6 courses), Vegetale (5 courses), ranging from free-hand tastings to structured itineraries, all united by the highest quality raw materials and a focus on sustainability.

Great attention is reserved to the wine list, with a attentive selection of labels from Oltrepò Pavese, home of Pinot Noir and Metodo Classico, and from the best national and international wineries.

Restaurant Lino reconfirmed 1 Star in the MICHELIN Italy Guide 2024.

Andrea Ribaldone

Andrea Ribaldone, half from Milan and half from Piedmont region, started in career with Riccardo Aiachini, founder of the restaurant La Fermata of Alessandria, considered his master of life and work by the chef. In 2003 he obtained his first Michelin Star.

After working with the famous French chef Alain Senderens in Paris at the Lucas Carton restaurant and being executive chef at Eataly Tokyo, in 2012 he founded ARCO Srl (acronym of Andrea Ribaldone & Consulting) with Salvatore Iandolino, an innovative Restaurant
Management Company composed by of a team of different professionals with the aim of improving knowledge and enjoyment of great Italian cuisine. With Arco he worked on a series of important consultancy, management and partnerships, including: the restaurant I Due Buoi in Alessandria in 2014, winning the Michelin Star the following year; the Temporary Restaurant Identità EXPO in 2015 coordinating over 100 chefs. In 2016 he started the collaboration with Borgo Egnazia, where, together with chef Domenico Schingaro, Ribaldone still looks after the six restaurants of the Apulian structure, including the restaurant I Due Camini, which was awarded a Michelin Star in 2018; in 2017 an important direct management gourmet project was launched at the Osteria Arborina in La Morra, obtaining a Michelin Star the same year; In 2018 he started his coordination of Identità Golose Milano kitchen, and the partnership with Ristorante Lino in Pavia, which today becomes the reference project of the chef Ribaldone.